Here are some of the things I've created or worked on: -

Name Description Role
ClassicDota Site that lists the best professional Dota 2 games of all time. Creator
Tweetails A service that calculates 'Tweetails' on a Twitter user's tweets. This includes interesting stats like favourite words, tweets per day, most mentioned users and intelligence rating. Creator
TweetDelete A Twitter service allowing users to automatically have tweets over a certain age deleted from their account for privacy. Creator
TweetDownload A Twitter service allowing users allowing them to fetch tweets, mentions, followers or direct messages in a variety of formats. Creator
CloudClone A web service allowing users to easily mirror their data between various cloud storage providers, easing the pain of migration or allowing cost effective backups. Creator A popular URL shortener Creator Another URL shortener developed to run on a distributed platform and have additional features - these have since been backported to so both sites are similar. Creator
PlugPass Website developed for a local electrical contractor Creator
Cleethorpes Band Website developed for a local brass band Creator
Name Description Role
SquirrelSave A graphical cross platform cloud backup client based around rsync. Client developer/maintainer
Mempath An easy to use, graphical, combined ping and traceroute tool. It's cross platform and is great for diagnosing intermittent connectivity issues such as packet loss. Creator
Autoping A menu bar indicator for Mac OSX allowing you to assess your connection at a glance. Creator
CipherMine software Automated trading software and algorithms for Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, developed for the now defunct CipherMine project. Creator
Open source contributions
Name Description
Bitstamp Python Contributed substantial improvements to the Python package supporting's API. This included updating the package to support the latest version of their API with support for encrypted signatures, nonce parameters etc.
Dividend Payer A script that automatically calculates and pays out dividends in Litecoin to shareholders in virtual securities.